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Catherine Knight, Chloe Temple - Post Pandemic

Catherine Knight is a nurse in a hospital where a parasite outbreak has started. She’s one of the few left unscathed, along with Chloe Temple, another nurse, who is in dire need of help. Catherine bravely goes on a search for medicine but meanwhile, frail Chloe stays behind.
Unable to even move, she gets approached by a worm, which goes inside her pussy and infects Chloe. Moments later, Catherine gets back, and prepares the medicine, and just as she’s about to push the needle in Chloe, she gets grabbed and Chloe kisses her, transferring the parasite in the process.
Now, under the frenzy of the parasite, Chloe quickly strips Catherine’s pants and starts munching on her pussy. The infection is soon going to be in full swing with both girls, and they will start fucking like there’s no tomorrow.

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